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CAFCS 2016 Annual Meeting


Council of Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences
Annual Meeting February 16-19, 2016

Held at the beautiful Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces, 705 S. Telshor Boulevard, Las Cruces, NM 88011



Hotel Information


CAFCS 2016 Annual Meeting - Speakers


Council of Administrators of Family and Consumer Sciences
2016 Annual Meeting

Leading through Crucial Conversations

This session will introduce participants to Crucial Conversations tools for leaders. Each participant will have the opportunity to engage in some in-class practice, group participation, and personal reflection as they begin to explore some useful skills for entering into Crucial Conversations at work and beyond.

CAFCS 2016 Annual Meeting - Agenda


CAFCS 2016 Annual Meeting: Tentative Agenda

Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces
705 S. Telshor Boulevard
Las Cruces, NM 88011


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