CAFCS Business Meeting - February 25, 2009

February 25, 2009
Melrose Hotel, Washington D.C.


  1. Call to order at 2:30p.m. by Jan Murphy, CAFCS President
  2. Dorothy Mitstifer will act as parliamentarian
  3. Agenda was approved with adjustments. Annual meeting moved to the end.
  4. Greeting from related organizations - AAFCS, Kappa Omicron Nu: Dorothy requested undergraduate papers for 8th online addition of the undergraduate journal and announced Pathways to Leadership Conference, Susan Rickards from Phi Upsilon NU sent a letter .
  5. Minutes from February 1, 2009 were seconded and approved .
  6. Treasurer Report 2008-09 approved: $ 48,688 beginning balance. Correction made on Note #1 from $1764 to $7512. Allen Martin announced adjustments made during the executive meeting to pay $625.00 to Kappa Omicron Nu for management services .
  7. Standing Committees
    • Nominating Committee, Janet Pope put together a ballot. It was inadvertently sent to the listserv. Dorothy will resend to just the CAFCS membership.
    • Strategic Planning Committee- Jan Murphy, Janet Pope, Mary Prichard developed the Strategic Plan-Handout. Jan went over the handout and indicated that we were on target with the plan. She encouraged membership to make suggestions. Since Richard was unable to attend the meeting today, we will make sure the POW is posted on the Website. Plan was seconded and approved.
    • Budget 2009-2010
    • Membership Committee, Dorothy introduced new members in attendance: Jodee Dorsey, Valery Giddings, and Irene Lee. To date , 84 people have paid dues for this membership year.
    • Annual Meeting
      • 2009 Joint meeting with BOHS: Attendees encouraged to fill out the assessment form in conference packet. We took a few minutes to review history of why we are meeting with BOHS. Kitty Coffey, Shirley Hymen Parker, and Jan Bowers gave us insight.
        2010 meeting: Jim Painter and Jan Murphy expressed concerned about number of members in attendance at this meeting. Is it an indication of what is to come with tough economic times? We can't negotiate hotel conference and meals with 25 to 30 people unless we downscale the hotel and location
      • How many can and will attend CAFCS meetings in the next few years? What can we do with the meeting for next year? Suggestions from the membership include:
        • 2010 meet in Cleveland at AAFCS in the summer. Pre-conferencing at AAFCS could be a conflict. Programming may have to be cut short. Need to check with AAFCS because last year they had stipulated that there was not to be any pre-conferencing. There could be problems with being on several committees and needing to be two places at the same time. June is also when money tends to run out as the fiscal year ends.
        • Continue February meeting every other year with BOHS/NASULGC. Advantage of Feb meeting is that many members are in both BOHS and CAFCS and can attend both meetings during the same trip. Every other year we have the opportunity to be by ourselves with great networking opportunities and a relaxed atmosphere. Disadvantages: Academic Chairs Meeting is also in Feb. Feb is a busy time within the schools.
        • We could take a year and do a Webinar. What are primary areas of interest of the membership?
        • We could go to university conferencing combined with a local hotel.
          • Dixie Crase at University of Memphis; Problems with airlines in Memphis, Little Rock, & Las Vegas .
          • Florida State building new conference center. Illinois State building a new conference center.
          • Johnson and Wales has history of sponsoring conferences - Denver, Charlotte, College Park Extension , Air Force Base, University of GA at Athens - Atlanta airport about 1 ½ hours away
    • Program of Work 2009-2010 - TBA
    • Communications (see CAFCS Listserv below)
  8. Old BSNS
    • Planning Committee for this meeting were recognized for their good work.
    • New and Emerging Administrators - Workshop will be at Illinois State University with Connor Walters as chairperson. Those interested in planning please contact Connor. Meeting at 5:00 pm Thursday Feb 26 in the hotel lobby .
    • CAFCS Listserv will move to Kappa Omicron Nu. Process will be simple. Dorothy will be the person giving approval before content is posted by IT people. Transition should be within a few weeks.
  9. New Business - Jim will send out survey asking about venue (hotel, university, webinar); Date Feb or June; Logistics (With AAFC, BOHS); Remember that finding hub with airlines is important
  10. Other - none
  11. Richard Glotzer unable to attend so we did not officially induct him into the presidency.
  12. Meeting adjourned at 2:45
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