CAFCS Executive Board Meeting - January 30, 2008

January 30, 2008
3:00-6:00 p.m.
Double Tree Hotel- Mission Valley


Members Present: Janet Pope, Connor Walters, Richard Glotzer, Diane Richardson, Duane Whitbeck, Dorothy Mitstifer, Billie Collier, James Painter (in coming VP). Kay Wilder stopped by and reported on local arrangements.

  1. Janet Pope, President called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday January 30, 2008.
  2. The agenda was approved as printed.
  3. The minutes from the June 23, 2007 Executive Board Meeting were approved as printed.
  4. Duane reported that the budget is healthy.
    • The $250 Euros to IFHE will be slightly different due to conversion rate. This was paid through Merrill Lynch. IFHE membership payment was for 2 years. The 2006 bill was lost in the mail so was never paid. We are now current.
  5. Standing Committee Reports:
    1. Billie presented newly elected officers for 2008: Richard Glotzer , President Elect, Jim Painter, Vice President Elect. The nominating committee is Maria Canabal , Angela Ratford Lewis and Valerie Colyard
    2. Billie presented a written report of the work of the Strategic Planning Committee.
    3. Duane presented a written budget report.
      • Some of the line items on operating expenses are not being used but were left in the budget. We may want to revise.
      • Audit hasn't been done in several years. Allen Martin should do this as he takes over.
    4. Dorothy reported that 76 people have paid membership dues . This is ahead of last year. The consensus was that it was helpful to send the membership notice and conference information in one mailing.
      • Question about how we offer lifetime membership. There needs to be a change in by-laws stating that lifetime membership is for people who have retired. This was the intent but the wording is unclear.
      • Dorothy has 365 people in her combined databases. Both KON and CAFCS members received the conference announcement and membership notice
    5. Richard and Kay gave an update on the annual meeting. Forty people are registered for the conference.
      • A last minute program change was made when Virginia Clark Johnson and Richard Johnson had to cancel due to a death in their family . Kay Wilder was able to schedule the legal representative from Pt. Loma to speak in Richard's place.
      • Twenty one people are scheduled for the dinner cruise .
    6. The POW 2008 was approved as submitted
  6. Communications : Website is updated regularly. We probably don't really need a newsletter with the website. Minutes will go on website as a draft until approved.
  7. Old Business:
  8. TFPA co chairs Duane Whitbeck and Billie Collier reported concerns.
    • Name change in library of congress and consumer sciences now has its own subject code.
    • Data Base is still a little unorganized but it is being worked on. Working on ways to do search like library database. Who is current and who is not is an issue. Duane's daughter is reviewing list.
    • The number one priority is to show how it can be used.
    • AAFCS denied TFPA presentation idea for summer conference.
    • Need a commitment from sponsoring organizations as to the future of the database. Who is trying to use it? May need someone on CAFCS board to be the keeper of the database. It doesn't really have a home.
    • Was the original goal of TFPA accomplished? Has it outlived its usefulness? It needs vision...Time to move on. Goals need to be set.
    • Duane to present something at the business meeting on Friday.
    • A decision needs to be made concerning a contract for membership services from Dorothy. She has charged the organization for mailings but has not billed for her services this year. Setting up data base is completed and is working well. She is able to merge with Kappa and other data bases to mail out info. We are now at the point where we need to make a decision to change by-laws. It is to our advantage to have a mailing address that doesn't change when board positions change.
    • IFHE call for Letters of Interest presented by Dorothy . Jan will help distribute.
  9. New Business:
    • Dorothy has been contacted to provide membership database with different organizations and/or institutions. What is our stand? Prefer that it be protected but we need a policy. Dorothy and Connor will write one.
    • Space on the website for postings university news, books, etc. Should have a time line for longevity. We need to write a policy before the June meeting. Dorothy and Connor will write one.
    • CAFCS Board at AAFCS same day as HEU (Wednesday, June 18 2:00-4:00)
    • New/Immerging Admin - Plan to have Illinois State University host in their new conference and convention center. Connor will chair task force committee. Dorothy will also be on the task force. Janet needs to ask for volunteers at BSNS meeting on Friday.
    • Kitty has verified that 2010 is our 50 th Anniversary. Co-chairs Richard Glotzer & Diane Richardson. Committee members: Kitty, Shirley Hymen-Parker and Jane Dennis. Palmer House site of first meeting. Discussion about having it in Chicago or someplace that has better weather in February. Hotel needs to be booked ASAP. Jim Painter has some connections that might be helpful. If in Chicago out near the airport might be cheaper.
  10. Connor will proof read the minutes.
  11. Adjourned at 5:10

Respectfully Submitted,

Diane Richardson, CAFCS Secretary

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