CAFCS Executive Board Meeting - February 18, 2007

February 18, 2007
3:00 p.m.
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Washington, DC

Members Present: Billie Collier, Richard Glotzer, Julie Johnson, Dorothy Mitstifer, Mary Pritchard, Diane Richardson, Deborah Tippett, and Duane Whitbeck.

1. Billie Collier, President, called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m. on Sunday, February 18, 2007.

2. Mary Pritchard was appointed Parliamentarian for this meeting.

3. Agenda. The agenda was approved as printed with one addition.

4. Minutes. The minutes from the June 23, 2006 Executive Board Meeting were approved as printed.

5. Treasurer's Report - Duane Whitbeck distributed a written report, which explained the difficulties he had in getting access to the CAFCS funds through Merrill Lynch. He was not able to have full access until February 13, 2007. It was suggested that alternative investment firms be investigated for the CAFCS account. Duane presented the 2007-08 budget and members gave explanations and corrections. The Undergraduate Research Scholarship of $500 is for the AAFCS conference, which is different from the Undergraduate Research Committee Fee. The dues for IFHE should be changed to $400. The amount budgeted for the IFHE Conference Representative will be used by the CAFCS delegate to the IFHE World Congress in 2008 in Switzerland. It was noted that the budget was based on a projection of 125 members. However, there were only 69 as of February 18, 2007. Duane reported that there was $8160 in the cash reserve and $66,335.80 in the overall account as of January 30, 2007.


A. Nominating Committee - Mary Pritchard distributed a written report. Mary suggested we reconsider the requirement that the president-elect has served as an elected officer of CAFCS. She advised that we might expand the requirements to include committee chairs to increase the pool of eligible candidates.

The committee received 53 ballots from 18 states. The following officers were elected:
President-Elect: Jan Shane
Vice-President-Elect: Connor Walters
Treasurer-Elect - Allen Martin
Secretary - Diane Richardson
Nominating Committee: Shirley Hymon-Parker, James Painter

B. Strategic Planning Committee - Mary Pritchard reported that committee members (Billie Collier, Mary Pritchard, Janet Pope, Frances Shipley, and Erskine Smith) met through email discussions. They reviewed the former Strategic Plan and made specific recommendations for the coming year. The committee recommended that CAFCS contract out some of the responsibilities of CAFCS officers and committee chairs. Activities might include collecting dues, maintaining mailing list of active members, assisting with contracts for conferences, sending mailings to members, and providing data for treasurer's reports. The committee moved that CAFCS explore a contract with Kappa Omicron Nu and seek approval by the membership at the Business Meeting on Tuesday, February 20, 2007. The motion passed. It was agreed that a motion to the membership be made, which would allow the Board the authority to develop and approve a yearly contract.

C. Bylaws & Handbook committee - Billie Collier reported that proposed by-laws changes were sent by mail to the members by Deborah Tippett. A vote on the proposed changes will be held at the business meeting on Tuesday, February 20, 2007. She thanked Richard Glotzer for his work on making the changes and Deborah for sending them to the members.

D. Budget Committee - Duane Whitbeck discussed the upcoming expenses in 2007-8. Questions were raised about the decrease in paid members and the resulting loss of revenue. Dorothy Mitstifer reported that the 37 participants at the Emerging Administrators Meeting were told that they would receive free membership dues for one year to CAFCS. She indicated she has sent notices about the meeting to this list. She reviewed the current membership list with Diane Richardson and it was noted that at least one member had also paid her membership dues. It was suggested she be given a one year extension to her membership. It was recommended that the dues for these free memberships be transferred to the current budget revenues from the discretionary funds to balance the budget and account for this recruiting strategy.

E. Membership Committee - Diane Richardson reported there are 258 names listed in the CAFCS database, which includes current members and lifetime members. She announced that 69 had paid membership dues for the 2007-08 year and that there were four new members. Two members had requested lifetime memberships due to their retirement. There are currently 20 lifetime members. Billie Collier thanked Diane for her service in chairing the membership committee.

F. Annual Meeting Committee 2007 - Julie Johnson reported that Duane Whitbeck and Richard Glotzer met with her in Charlotte to generate a list of topics for the 2007 joint meeting with the BoHS. She noted she had participated in teleconferences with Eddie Gouge to plan the 2007 meeting.

Annual Meeting Committee 2008. Julie reported that Kay Wilder had agreed to be the Local Arrangements Chair for the 2008 meeting in San Diego. She had contracted with the Doubletree Suites in Mission Valley and planned on meeting the end of January. The date will be announced at the Business Meeting on Tuesday, February 20, 2007. Possible program topics were discussed and Julie requested that members send her names of potential speakers. She indicated she would work with Duane Whitbeck. Richard Glotzer, Janet Pope, Billie Collier and Connor Walters on the program.

G. Program of Work 07-08 - It was reported that Janet would present the Program of Work at the meeting on Tuesday, February 20, 2007.

H. Communications Committee - Dorothy Mitstifer reported she had worked with BoHS to get materials out for this meeting. She indicated that it was difficult to do an online newsletter without input from the members. Possible topics for future electronics newsletters were suggested such as reports from the Emerging Administrators' Meeting, a report from the IFHE Council meeting, and progress made by the Task Force for Program Advancement. It was suggested that an email be posted on the list serve announcing when a newsletter was posted.


A. Report on Pathways to Leadership Administrative Workshop - Dorothy Mitstifer reported that a highly successful workshop was held with 17 faculty and 37 participants. Reflections were now being posted and mentors are working with participants. She will give a presentation at the meeting on Sunday on the workshop and tell success stories from the workshop.

B. Update on Task Force for Program Advancement (TFPA). Billie reported that the Task Force had continued updating the database of FCS/Human Sciences programs in the US. She noted Ginny Vincenti had been persistent in getting the database online and up-to-date. Duane submitted a poster proposal on the name change work for the AAFCS Annual Meeting in Reno.

C. Report on IFHE World Council Meeting. Deborah Tippett thanked the Board members for sending her as the CAFCS delegate to the IFHE World Council Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa in August of 2006. She reported that she was one of 135 delegates from 24 countries. She described major business that was decided and gave highlights of the meeting. She encouraged members to attend the World Congress in Switzerland in the summer of 2008, which would be the 100 th Anniversary of IFHE.


A. TFPA Budget Request. Billie Collier presented a budget request from the Task Force on Program Advancement to continue their work in developing and maintaining the U.S. Higher Education Family and Consumer Sciences Programs and Specializations Database. They requested that each of the supporting organizations (CAFCS, AAFCS-HEU, and BoHS) give approximately $3,579 to continue the database, and redesign and maintain the Web site. The goal of the group is to give the database to another entity such as FAEIS to continue the maintenance and development of the database. A motion was made and seconded that CAFCS authorize expenditures of up to $3600 to support this request. The motion passed.

B. AAFCS Annual Meeting. Duane Whitbeck announced that his proposal to AAFCS had been accepted to have a workshop for Issues and Actions in Higher Education and requested input from the members on implementing the workshop. President Collier announced that the CAFCS Board Meeting will be held on June 23, 2007 at 3:00 at the AAFCS Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada.


President Collier adjourned the meeting at 5:25 pm.

Deborah Tippett

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