CAFCS Business Meeting - February 20, 2007

February 20, 2007
7:30 p.m.
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Washington, DC

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 a.m. by CAFCS President, Billie Collier.

2. President Collier appointed Mary Pritchard to serve as Parliamentarian of the meeting and requested that two members volunteer to be readers of the minutes. Sue Bailey and Nancy Rabolt agreed to serve as readers.

3. President Collier reviewed the agenda and added a report on the IFHE meeting. It was approved as amended.

4. Greetings were brought to the assembly of members of CAFCS from other organizations:

  • 1890's Institutions were represented by Geraldean Johnson.
  • BoHS was represented by Billie Collier.
  • Kappa Omicron Nu was represented by Dorothy Mitstifer.
  • Phi Upsilon Omicron was represented by Susan Richards.

5. The minutes from the February 16, 2006, Business Meeting were approved as printed.

6. TREASUER'S REPORT. The treasurer's report was presented by Duane Whitbeck. He explained the difficulty in getting the funds transferred to the new treasurer in another state. He submitted a written report of the budget. He reported that there was $66,335.80 in total assets.


7.1 NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Mary Pritchard presented the new slate of elected officers:

  • President-Elect: Jan Shane
  • Vice-President-Elect: Connor Walters
  • Treasurer: Allen Martin
  • Nominating Committee: Shirley Hymon-Parker, James Painter

Pritchard acknowledged the difficulty in finding qualified candidates for the President-Elect position since the bylaws require that those candidates have served an elected office in CAFCS. She suggested that this policy be examined. President Collier asked all those interested in running for office next year to let her know.

7.2 STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE: Mary Pritchard presented a written report of the work of her committee comprised of Billie Collier, Janet Pope, Frances Shipley, and Erskine Smith. Among the recommendations included a suggestion that the CAFCS Board contract some of the administrative responsibilities of the organization such as maintaining membership lists, planning conferences, updating Web site, and preparing treasurer's report. KONu had been contacted about the possibility of contracting these services and had indicated a willingness to do so.

7.3 BYLAWS AND HANDBOOK: Richard Glotzer reported that the proposed bylaw changes had been mailed to the membership by the Secretary, Deborah Tippett, in December of 2006.

7.4 BUDGET: Duane Whitbeck presented a written proposed budget for 2007-08. He indicated that some items had been labeled more clearly and that the complementary memberships given to the participants of the Emerging Administrator's Conference were reflected in the budget.

7.5 MEMBERSHIP: Diane Richardson reported that there were 69 paid members, with four new members and 36 free memberships. She asked new members to stand. There were two requests for life-time membership which were granted to Nina Dilbeck and Sarah Shoffner.

  • ANNUAL MEETING 2008: Julie Johnson announced that CAFCS would be meeting in San Diego at the Double Tree Inn from January 30 - February 3. Kay Wilder will chair the local arrangements committee. Possible topics were proposed and it was announced that program committee would include Richard Glotzer, Billie Collier, Julie Johnson, Duane Whitbeck, Janet Pope, and Connor Walters. Julie requested feedback on the 2007 meeting, giving strengths, weaknesses, and ideas for next year. Connor Walters agreed to collect the feedback.
  • PROGRAM OF WORK: Janet Pope presented a written Program of Work for 2007-2008. She described the goals and action steps.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Dorothy Mitstifer requested that members give her articles for the next electronic newsletter.
  • ARCHIVES: No report was given.

President Collier thanked all committee chairs and members for their work on behalf of the association.

8. CAFCS REPRESENTATIVE TO FAEIS: Steve Jorgensen, chair of the research committee of FAEIS, gave a report on current features and problems associated with the FAEIS database.


9.1 PATHWAYS TO LEADERSHIP ADMINISTRATIVE CONFERENCE REPORT: Dorothy Mitstifer reported that there were 37 new and emerging administrators and 17 faculty at the Pathways to Leadership Administrative Conference. She reported that an assessment would be conducted and this conference could be a model for the next emerging administrators' conference in three to five years.

9.2 TASK FORCE FOR PROGRAM ADVANCEMENT: President Collier reported on the work of this Task Force and commended the members who had worked hard to complete the various projects. The main effort has been to establish a database of FCS/HS units and programs. She thanked Ginny Vincenti for her persistence in getting the database established. President Collier reported that the Task Force has requested additional funding. They requested an additional $10,000 to be split by three groups (CAFCS, BoHS, and the HEU Unit of AAFCS). President Collier acknowledged the work of Duane Whitbeck in getting the name changed on national databases from home economics to family and consumer sciences or human sciences.

9.3 MENTORING TASK FORCE: Mary Pritchard gave a report of this task force.

9.4 IFHE COUNCIL MEETING IN CAPETOWN: Deborah Tippett thanked CAFCS for sending her as their delegate to the IFHE Council Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa in July of 2006. She reported that there were 125 participants from 24 countries. She was one of 24 delegates from the US. Highlights included the election of Geraldine Hodelin from Jamaica as IFHE President Elect and the reduction of dues to members from developing countries. She encouraged members to attend future meetings in 2008 in Switzerland, 2010 in Ireland, and 2012 in Australia.

9.5 50 TH ANNIVERSARY PLANNING TASK FORCE: Richard Glotzer and Diane Richardson reported that plans were being made for the 50 th anniversary of CAFCS.


10.1 PROGRAM OF WORK: Janet Pope proposed the written 2007-08 Program of Work for CAFCS, with these changes. Under Goal 1, action step 2, a $2,000 subsidy was added. Under Goal 3, action step 3, the membership to IFHE was increased to $400. Under Goal 4, action step 5, $2,000 was added for Web site maintenance. Under Goal 4, action step 7, the amount was increased to $1,000. The motion passed.

10.2 BUDGET: Duane Whitbeck proposed the 2007-08 Budget. The motion was approved.

10.3 TFPA BUDGET REQUEST: The request to give the Task Force $3,579 from CAFCS was approved.

10.4 BY-LAWS REVISION: The proposed by-laws changes were amended under Section 1, b, 1 to read:

1. Has had five years of continuous membership as verified by the records of the Membership Committee and

2. Has retired from full-time paid academic employment.

The by-laws changes, as amended, passed.

11. INSTALLATION OF THE NEW PRESIDENT FOR CAFCS: After thanking officers for their service to the association, President Collier installed Janet Pope as President for 2007-2008. Janet Pope thanked Billie Collier for leadership and service to the Association and presented her with a gift.

12. ADDITIONAL BUSINESS: Janet Pope asked that the Board be allowed to contract out some of the responsibilities of Board members and committee chairs to an outside agency. A discussion was held and the motion was seconded, and passed.

11. ADJOURNMENT: President Janet Pope adjourned the meeting at 8:45 a.m.

Deborah Tippett, Secretary CAFCS

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