Report of the CAFCS Strategic Planning Committee - February 2006

February 2006

Committee Members: Billie Collier, Karla Hughes, Mary Pritchard, Shirley Reagan, Frances Shipley (chair)

Participants in Teleconference: Billie Collier, Mary Pritchard, Shirley Reagan, Frances Shipley

Report and Recommendations: After the scheduled teleconference, the minutes were distributed and all committee members had the opportunity to comment, revise, and/or add to the report. The following report reflects input from all members of the committee.

The discussion began with the report presented by the 2005 Strategic Committee. All agreed that CAFCS plays a critical role in leadership development in the field.

The following recommendations came from the discussion:

  • CAFCS should focus on leadership development and take the primary responsibility for facilitating these opportunities, especially via the annual meeting;
    • Time for new and emerging administrators to meet with seasoned administrator mentors at annual meeting
    • Session at annual meeting on mentoring skills
    • This initiative might use the KON self-administered mentoring module that is available on their website
  • A Task Force was formed at the 2005 meeting and has planned a workshop for new/emerging and seasoned administrators for July 29- August 2, 2006. The task force is finalizing the curriculum organized around a conceptual model and theme of Pathways to Leadership. The task force includes representatives from CAFCS, 1890's administrators, KON, Phi U, AAFCS-HEU, and BoHS.

  • Mentoring emerging administrators will extend beyond the administrative leadership workshop:
    • Identify dyads for ongoing mentoring relationships among participants in the administrative workshop
    • Explore ways to pair new/emerging administrators for mentoring relationships, possibly using the CAFCS membership committee to assist with the pairing.
  • Continue participation in the Task Force in Program Advancement, which is a collaborative effort among CAFCS, AAFCS-HEU, BoHS, and the 1890 Administrators. Use information generated by the group such as the consultant list that is posted on the website.
  • The strategic planning committee will help identify areas to invest the CAFCS discretionary funds.
  • Continue the CAFCS archive project and keep the history of the organization for future reference. Plan for the 50th anniversary in 2010 and identify someone to update the history.

Respectfully submitted,

Frances Shipley, Chair
Strategic Planning Committee

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