CAFCS Executive Board Meeting, February 18, 2006

February 18, 2006
Peabody Hotel, Memphis, TN

Members Present: Billie Collier, BJ Friedman, Richard Glotzer, Julie Johnson, Dorothy Mitstifer, Janet Pope, Mary Pritchard, Diane Richardson, Deborah Tippett, and Duane Whitbeck.

1. President Billie Collier called the meeting to order at 10:55 a.m. on Saturday, February 18, 2006.

2. President Collier appointed Mary Pritchard as Parliamentarian.

3. Minutes. The minutes from February 15 were not available for review. Deborah Tippett indicated that she would email the minutes to board members. She asked members to review and send corrections to her. Deborah raised the question of attaching written reports to the minutes. It was suggested that committees send written reports to her electronically so that she could post them with the minutes, as well as submit them to Kitty Coffey for the archives.

4. Approval of Agenda. The agenda was reviewed and approved.

5. Treasurer's Report. BJ Friedman noted that the expenses from this meeting have not been paid. After the bills are sent to her, then she will have the accounts audited and will submit to Billie Collier.

6. STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS: President Collier distributed written committee assignments for the coming year. She added that Mary Pritchard would chair the Nominating Committee. Janet Pope corrected dates on the Program of Work Committees and added Shirley Hymon-Parker and Nancy Rabolt to the Program of Work Committee for 2007-2008.

6.1 Nominating Committee: Mary Pritchard requested that names of potential officers be given to her. Her goal is to have two nominees for each office.

6.2 Strategic Planning Committee: President Collier announced that the report had been distributed at earlier meetings and the report, chaired by Frances Shipley, would be posted on the CAFCS Web site.

6.3 By-laws and Handbook Committee: Richard Glotzer reported that he would send board members suggested changes by email prior to the next Board meeting in June of 2006. After the Board approves the changes, then the changes will be posted electronically on the Web site for all members to review. The vote will be taken at the next Business Meeting in 2007.

6.4 Budget Committee: BJ Friedman's term as treasurer will end on April 30, 2006 with Duane Whitbeck taking office on May 1, 2006. BJ announced that Allen Martin had agreed to serve as a member of the Budget Committee. She noted that the Board must approve this appointment. The motion to appoint Allen Martin to the Budget Committee passed. She noted that the books would be audited by the CAFCS Budget Committee. She noted that the Executive Board had submitted few expenses for their work. She suggested that the expenses for the dinner meeting which was held on February 15, 2006 come out of Board Expenses. She encouraged board members to send their expenses to her and that she would submit them to President Collier for approval.

6.5 Membership Committee: Diane Richardson reported that she had received checks from two new members during this meeting. She noted that 10 new members had attended this meeting. She will follow-up with others who attended this meeting who had not paid their dues and invite them to do so. A question was raised about providing hard copies of the membership directory to the conference attendees. At the current time the only directory is posted online. It was moved and seconded that future meetings include hard copies of the membership directory and a list of conference participants in the conference materials. The motion passed. It was suggested the membership chair work with the conference chair to facilitate this request.

6.6 Annual Meetings in 2007 and 2008: Julie Johnson will work with the Richard Glotzer, Duane Whitbeck and Mary Pritchard to suggest topics for the 2007 meeting. They will review the evaluations from this meeting and select potential topics. Julie stated that there will be a conference call with the BoHS to determine the date and theme. Julie will post the dates, location, and theme on the CAFCS Web site. Julie reminded Board members that Kay Wilder had agreed to chair the Local Arrangements Committee for 2008. It was noted that other members (Alice Akers and Sue Stanley) in California had expressed an interest in helping with the conference. Julie agreed to give their names to Kay.

6.7 Program of Work 2007-2008: Janet Pope announced that Shirley Hymon-Parker, Nancy Rabolt, and Erskine Smith would be serving on this committee.

6.8 Communications Committee: Dorothy Mitstifer announced that she would do a newsletter based on her notes of this annual meeting. She also requested information to post from committees and officers. Her next deadline would be October 1. Deborah Tippett agreed to write a report on the IFHE Council Meeting in Capetown, South Africa, as the CAFCS delegate to this meeting. It was suggested that Duane Whitbeck submit an article on his success story with the Library of Congress in changing the name of home economics to family and consumer sciences. It was suggested that a counter be added to the Web site to track the number of hits to the site.

6.9 Archives: No report was given.

7. OLD BUSINESS: No old business was presented.


8.1 Plan of Action to Implement 2006-2007 Plan of Work: President Collier noted that the Plan of Work was approved at the Business Meeting on February 17. She established a Task Force to lead the mentoring efforts established at the Emerging Administrators' Conference. She appointed Mary Pritchard, Janet Pope, and Diane Richardson and indicated that she would also ask Connor Walters to serve. It was suggested that mentoring stories be posted on the CAFCS Web site and that a link be established to mentoring sites. It was suggested that new members of CAFCS be matched with mentors in the association. Dorothy Mitstifer reminded members that there were grant funds for mentoring available through KONu.

8.2 Pathways to Leadership Administrative Workshop: Dorothy Mitstifer reported that the steering committee had met throughout this meeting and that an outstanding program was planned. She stated that faculty leading the sessions would have their expenses paid. She asked for help in identifying participants and that those registered lacked diversity. She noted the need for more men and Hispanics.

8.3 Other: President Collier announced that major studies were being conducted with the BoHS and AAFCS to look at restructuring. She urged the Board to keep aware of potential changes and to read the Web site reports from Don Bowers of AAFCS. She asked members to let her know of any changes or future directions of these two organizations, so that CAFCS could be responsive.

8.4 Proposal to Request Funds from CAFCS: Mary Pritchard distributed a "Request for Funding from the CAFCS Discretionary Fund for Investment in the Future 2006-2007. The Pathways to Leadership Administrative Workshop Steering Committee requested $5200 out of the 2006-2007 budget to provide scholarships, mentoring, and assessment of the conference. This would include eight scholarships at $400 each ($3200) and $2000 for mentoring new/emerging administrators and evaluating the effectiveness of the conference. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to approve the funding.

8.5 Task Force to Plan 50 th Anniversary of CAFCS Celebration: President Collier asked for volunteers to serve on this Ad hoc Committee. Richard Glotzer and Diane Richardson agreed to work with those who volunteered at the Business Meeting on February 17 ( Jane Dennis, Shirley Hymon-Parker, and Kitty Coffey).

9. Adjournment: President Collier reminded members that the next Executive Board meeting would be at the AAFCS meeting in Charlotte, NC on Friday, June 23 from 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon. She adjourned the meeting at 12:05 p.m.

Deborah Tippett


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