CAFCS Executive Board Meeting - Feb 15, 2006

Feb 15 , 2006
Peabody Hotel, Memphis, TN


Members Present: Kitty Coffey, Lisa LaBleu, Billie Collier, BJ Friedman, Richard Glotzer, Julie Johnson, Dorothy Mitstifer, Janet Pope, Mary Pritchard, Diane Richardson, Deborah Tippett, and Duane Whitbeck.

1. Mary Pritchard, President, called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15, 2006.

2. Billie Collier was appointed Parliamentarian for this meeting and for the Business Meeting on Friday, February 17, 2006.

3. Agenda. The agenda was approved as printed.

4. Minutes. The minutes from the June 23, 2005 Executive Board Meeting were approved as corrected. Deborah Tippett will send the corrected minutes to Board members.

5. Treasurer's Report - B. J. Friedman distributed a written report of the 2005-2006 budget. She stated that we are ahead of projected expenses by $3250.43 to date. The fiscal year ends May 1, 2006. There may be additional income through membership fees and other expenses that have not been filed.


A. Nominating Committee - A written report was submitted prior to the meeting by Frances Shipley. The committee received 25 ballots from 18 states. The following officers were elected:

President-Elect: Janet Pope

Vice-President-Elect: Richard Glotzer

Nominating Committee: Gladys Hildbreth, Allen Martin

B. Strategic Planning Committee - Billie Collier reported that committee members (Billie Collier, Mary Pritchard, Shirley Reagan, and Frances Shipley) met by teleconference. They reviewed the former Strategic Plan and made specific recommendations for the coming year. They agreed that CAFCS should focus on leadership development in the field. Special attention would be given to providing leadership development and mentoring new administrative members. A written report of the teleconference was submitted.

C. Bylaws & Handbook committee - Richard Glotzer reviewed proposed changes to the by-laws. His work focused on clarifying practices and updating language so that electronic means of communication could be used. Suggestions were given and a discussion on the use of password protection of membership information was discussed. It was agreed that all references to mail be changed to "sent" or "distributed." President Pritchard advised that the Nominating, Communications, and Membership Committees should work together to investigate an electronic ballot. It was suggested that dates be consistent throughout the bylaws and handbook. The election should take place by November 1, the membership follows the calendar year, and the fiscal year begins on May 1. Richard was asked to bring written changes to the next Board meeting in June 2006. If these changes are approved, then they will be submitted for a vote by the membership at the CAFCS Business Meeting in 2007.

D. Budget Committee - B. J. Friedman will present the 2006-07 budget for approval at the Business Meeting on February 18, 2006. Suggestions to change the budget included: transferring $5200 from the Available Balance to an income line-item titled, Discretionary Fund Request, to cover funds for the Emerging Administrator's Conference. Janet Pope stated that the annual meeting may have a deficit and will need extra funds to cover the expenses. A motion was made, seconded, and passed that the association would cover any additional expenses of the Annual Meeting out of the current year's budget. Discussion was held on the expenses proposed for the IFHE conference. Mary Pritchard appointed Deborah Tippett to represent CAFCS at the IFHE Council Meeting in Capetown, South Africa in July 2006. BJ noted that there was a total of $2500 allocated from two budget years for this meeting, since IFHE meets every other year.

E. Membership Committee - Diane Richardson reported that there are 246 names listed in the CAFCS database, which includes current members and lifetime members. She announced that 86 had paid membership dues for the 2006-2007 year and that there were eight new members. She sent letters to the entire database and only eight were returned. She read a list of names of members who she thought had retired and would qualify for lifetime membership. She asked Board members to help her identify retirees and to locate home addresses. Richard suggested that we present new lifetime members with a certificate. It was noted that members could qualify for lifetime membership with at least five years of paid membership upon their retirement.

F. Annual Meeting Committee 2006- Janet Pope reported on the plans for the upcoming Annual Meeting. She noted that feedback from the evaluations from previous meetings had suggested that members wanted time to network and to tap into the experience and expertise of their own members. She reviewed the program and pointed out the focus on mentoring. She announced that four new members had been selected to receive scholarships. The list was reviewed and it was noted that some of the applicants had been members and had attended previous meetings. It was suggested that scholarships be given to new members for whom this was the first meeting. The recipients should have also requested consideration for the scholarship.

G. Local Arrangements for 2006 meeting - Lisa LeBleu reported that 55 persons had pre-registered for the Annual Meeting and she expected three to register on site. She noted that a couple of people had reserved rooms but had not contacted her for pre-registration. The budget for the conference was based on 70 attendees and may be short due to the meal charges. Diane Richardson requested a list of attendees so that she could contact those who had not paid their dues.

H. Place Committee for 2007 and 2008 meetings - Julie Johnson announced that she would be working with April Mason on the Board on Human Sciences (BoHS) to plan the joint meeting for 2007. She indicated that a conference call on February 27 would confirm the dates and topics. She reminded members that we agreed to move our meeting time to correspond with the dates in March that were typically used by the BoHS. Julie announced that Kay Wilder had volunteered to serve as local arrangements chair to host the meeting in San Diego in 2008. Janet Pope stated that we needed to decide on the type of meeting facilities that the group wanted before making those plans.

I. Program of Work 06-07 - Billie Collier presented a written proposed Program of Work for 2006-07. She noted that Shirley Hastings had worked with her to prepare the document. Many of the items are continuing goals of the association. Board members made suggestions for improvement and corrected line items with regards to the costs.

J. Communications Committee - Dorothy Mitstifer reported that she had completed one on-line newsletter for CAFCS and was willing to do more for the association. She requested feedback on what was needed on the CAFCS Web site. She asked if the Web site contract had been renewed and President Pritchard replied that this had been done. Dorothy requested that the corrected minutes be sent to her for posting on the Web. According to Dorothy, the discussion boards were not very active and she suggested that the Board examine how they could be used more effectively

K. Archives Committee - Kitty Coffey announced that she had received a box of materials from Nina Dilbert and that she would be working with these materials in the coming months.


A. Report on Pathways to Leadership Administrative Workshop - Dorothy Mitstifer announced that a brochure for the workshop was in the registration packet and that the focus of the workshop would be on mentoring. There was some indication that a Kellogg grant may provide funds for international participation and for a two-year follow-up on mentoring the participants. The curriculum would focus a leadership development model (Reflective Human Action) and that materials would be supplied by KONu. Presenters would be faculty and would be there for the entire conference. The BoHS had approved $1000 in scholarships and there were plans in the upcoming budget for CAFCS to provide scholarships and financial support for the conference. The target number of participants will be 30. Dorothy encouraged members to promote the workshop among our colleagues.

B. Recommendation for Investment of CAFCS Discretionary Funds for the Future - B. J. Friedman presented a written report from the Ad Hoc committee (BJ Friedman, Jane Dennis, Erskine Smith, Virginia Richards, and Duane Whitbeck) outlining recommendations for the use of discretionary funds. The committee recommended that the funds be used to promote leadership development and projects that further the goals of FCS units. Guidelines, project needs, and procedures were outlined in the written report. This report will be considered by the membership at the Business meeting on February 17, 2006.

C. Update on Task Force for Program Advancement - Mary Pritchard presented a copy of the Web page for the Task Force for Program Advancement, which is on the CAFCS Web site. She described various initiatives and asked Duane Whitbeck to report on his success in working with the Library of Congress to change the name of home economics to family and consumer sciences.

D. Update on AAFCS Future Summit - Mary Pritchard & Dorothy Mitstifer attended the AAFCS Future Summit study future structures of AAFCS. They suggested that members look at the AAFCS Web site ( for a full report of the Summit.

8. NEW BUSINESS: No new business was presented.

9. ADJOURNMENT: President Pritchard reminded members that she has sent them a press release to use on their campuses and suggested that each person complete the form. She reminded members of the Welcome Reception at 8:00 p.m. that night for conference participants. After thanking officers for their service to CAFCS, President Pritchard adjourned the meeting at 8:03 p.m.

Deborah Tippett


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